20 Jul 2012

Following the election of new bishops Cynthia Harvey, Gary Mueller, and Mike McKee, the Episcopacy Committee of the South Central Jurisdiction went to work making assignments of our college of bishops for the next quadrennium. With the retirement of Bishop Charles Crutchfield, the Arkansas Annual Conference is due to receive a new bishop to lead the ministry of the United Methodist Church in our area.

This evening the Episcopacy Committee completed that work and announced the assignments before the gathered body of the SCJ Conference. For my fellow Arkansans, I’m happy to announce that we will be receiving Bishop Gary Mueller.

We’ll all get the chance to know Bishop Mueller over the coming months, but I wanted to provide a little preview in case readers are interested to know. Welcome, bishop!


6 Responses to Welcome to Arkansas, Bishop Mueller
  1. Ann & Rex Rogers July 21, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Thank you Andrew for the information. Looking forward to meeting our new Bishop.

  2. Andrew, I envy you and the other Conferences that ended up with bishops assigned by the Jurisdictional Conferences. New Mexico and North West Texas are in their usual position of “sucking hind tit on a boar hog” and will need to learn to make the best of what God and the “powers that be” finally provide to us. It may be a good reminder for us that vital churches from come from local leadership and that we should not expect much from bishops or the “big church”. Thanks for your twitter feed insights during the Jurisdictional Conference.

    • John — I understand your frustration, but I can tell you that the negotiations around what to do with the episcopal assignments were both careful and collaborative. Our lead clergy delegate, Rev’d. Rodney Steele, posted a helpful comment about this on Facebook earlier this morning. I think it provides a little context, so I’ll reprint it here. This is what Rodney wrote: “For those of you who have followed the retirement news of Bishop Bledsoe, you know that one episcopal area, the one with New Mexico and Northwest Texas, is willing to not have an episcopal assignment until this is sorted out by the Judicial Council. I do not believe it is a breach of confidentiality to say that when they expressed their willingness to do this on behalf of the church, it was a holy moment of servant leadership that I hope will receive its due honor and appreciation. Thank you to Rev. Jeff Lust, Ms. Donna TeBrink, Rev. Jim Nunn and Judge Ron Enns for their faith and spirit as well as to all the United Methodists of the Albuquerque Episcopal Area. Also, deep appreciation for Bishops Solomon and Hutchinson for serving there in the interim.”

  3. I work with Gary Mueller and can honestly say that Arkansas got an exceptional leader. He has been a great friend and mentor through 4 years of ministry. He will be missed but we know God has him where Gary needs to be.

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