One of the most exciting ministry initiatives that Methodists in my part of the world are engaged in right now is called Imagine No Malaria. It is a project designed to help eradicate malaria deaths by 2015.

This is a worthy project. We don’t think much about malaria in North America, but in sub-Saharan Africa it is a major killer. A child dies from malaria once every 60 seconds. The disease kills over 600,000 people per year. And the tragic aspect to these statistics is that malaria is 100% preventable with the right treatment, the right protection, and the right education.

I’ve written about Imagine No Malaria in a recent piece I did in the Arkansas United Methodist newspaper. There, I give some background on the problem of malaria and on the United Methodist Church’s efforts to combat it as part of the general church’s “Four Areas of Focus” ministry initiative. I also offer a view as to how engaging in Imagine No Malaria can be a real means of grace to those helping and those receiving help.

The Arkansas Conference of the UMC has been a major player in the Imagine No Malaria effort. I’d encourage you to check out the overview provided on the conference website. Check out my article as well, and consider giving to what is clearly a deeply important cause.