As we continue to develop this website, there will be some tweaks made here and there. One of the ones a few of you pointed out after my last post was that we hadn’t yet installed any subscription options for the blog.

Well, problem solved. The left hand sidebar now has options for both e-mail subscription and RSS subscription. So please sign up, and pass it along to your friends as well! Heck, we even threw in an option to follow me on Facebook if it suits you.

The one other possible option that you won’t find is a way to follow me on Twitter. Ah, Twitter. Over the past couple of years I’ve alternated between thinking that it is a fascinating tool to connect billions around the globe and thinking that it is one of the worst inventions of the technological age. To tweet or not to tweet? That, my friends, is the question. And I think it is a good enough question that I’m going to devote a post to it in the coming days.