Pasternak_Throes of CreationI launched this website back at the beginning of 2012, after a good five-year run on my old blog. My idea with this site was to expand it beyond blogging. It is intended to serve as a full-service ministry portal, which includes access to the full range of my writing, speaking, and teaching. A traditional blog is at the heart of all that, but the site as a whole includes much more.

It has taken some time to finish out various parts of the site since I first launched it. But from time to time I carve out the space needed to do some work to it. Sometimes that is fixing things that don’t seem to work well. And sometimes it is adding new material.

For instance, one area I’ve added quite a bit lately is in my writing archive. You can access that here. I write regularly for a couple of newspapers: the United Methodist Reporter and the Arkansas United Methodist. Since my columns for those periodicals appear online, it is easy to link to them from here. I also write articles and essays for popular-level magazines from time to time, and so I link to those where I can as well.

As an academic, I also do a lot of writing for academic journals. Happily, most academic journals are undergoing a process of becoming ‘open source,’ which means that you can access their contents online fairly easily without having to pay a pricey subscription to the print edition. I’ve now uploaded copies of my journal articles to this site, which you can find here. I also have two new academic-level articles coming out later this year (in the Asbury Journal and Methodist History), so I’ll be adding those to the site as soon as they appear.

One other area that I’ve tried to update more regularly has been my speaking schedule. I now get more invitations than I can honor — a good problem to have, of course, but one that makes me wish I had unlimited time and energy to travel and speak in local churches and at conferences. I have a couple of gigs in the works for the late summer and fall, and I’ll add those when the details become clear. But for churches and other groups interested in hearing me present on some aspect of Wesleyan theology, discipleship, etc., I am trying to maintain the speaking schedule up-to-date so they can use it as a reference tool for what I’ve got on the horizon.

Thanks to so many of you who have e-mailed and sent messages directly through the site to comment on things you like (or would like to see). I appreciate my readers and the feedback they offer, and I marvel at the way in which this form of social media allows me to reach so many people I would not be able to do otherwise.