Wesleyan Practices of Evangelism

Here’s what we’ve got coming up with the Methodist House of Studies. I’m excited about the possibilities that these conversations could hold for how we are engaging in Wesleyan ministry in the Memphis Conference of the UMC:   read more →

Lunch with Bishop Debbie Wallace-Padgett

This week the Methodist House of Studies welcomes Bishop Debbie Wallace-Padgett, who serves as the episcopal leader of the North Alabama Conference (UMC). Bishop Wallace-Padgett will speak with students over lunch along with other representatives from her annual conference. Bishop Wallace-Padgett has led the North Alabama Conference since her election 2012. Her previous pastoral appointments have.. read more →

Wesleyan Accent: The Virtue of Pastoral Leadership

I returned recently from a trip to the beautiful hill country of north Alabama. While there I spent a day in conversation with Methodist clergy from there about leadership in the church. The questions we were grappling with are important for the future of any church in the Methodist family: What does Wesleyan Pastoral Leadership.. read more →

Evangelism and Discipleship: A Wesleyan Connection

I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in Seedbed’s Seven Minute Seminary video series awhile back. My topic in the video is the connection between evangelism and discipleship in Wesleyan practice. Here’s how it turned out:       read more →

Angels: God’s messengers, Our guardians

We’re in a season of angels. It all began with Advent. One of Advent’s most beloved Scripture passages is the angel Gabriel’s visit to the Virgin Mary. Joseph had his own angelic encounter, of course. An angel visited him to assure him that Mary’s child was from the Holy Spirit. So it was through angels.. read more →

Pastoral leadership in a Wesleyan framework

How should we think about leadership in a Christian context? Given the popularity of leadership as a topic in print and online media, it is something work thinking about. Is Christian leadership any different than leadership in general? For those of us in the Wesleyan tradition, is there a particularly Wesleyan form of leadership? Here.. read more →

Arkansas: The Season that Was…

The Arkansas Razorbacks finished their 2014 campaign a few days ago with a resounding victory over their ancient SWC rival — the Texas Longhorns — in the Texas Bowl. By most accounts it was a successful season. Not successful in the “10-win season” or “competing for the SEC championship” sense of the word, of course... read more →

A Shepherd’s Message

There are many bishops, with many different gifts. I’ve always thought that the greatest gift a bishop can have is to be a true pastor to the pastors under his charge. Here is a remarkable example of that virtue in the person of my bishop in the Arkansas Conference, Bishop Gary Mueller: The Apostle Peter.. read more →

Inaugural Marmaduke Bowl

This afternoon the Arkansas Razorbacks take on the Missouri Tigers in Columbia, MO. This will be the first meeting of the two teams since Mizzou joined the Southeastern Conference. The official name for the game is the “Battle Line Rivalry.” Here’s a better name for it: The Marmaduke Bowl. I’ll explain why below. There haven’t been.. read more →

Methodist House: Courses in Wesleyan Studies

One of the ways that the Methodist House of Studies is expanding its work at MTS is through expanded course offerings in the area of Wesleyan Studies. I’m excited to be able to announce the following four courses on our Spring 2015 course schedule. (If you would like to inquire about enrolling or auditing courses at the.. read more →