Methodist House: Words of Wisdom

This past week Methodist students at Memphis Theological Seminary met with the Rev. Mark Norman. Over pizza and soft drinks, Rev. Norman shared some words of wisdom on the topic, “Things I wish someone had told me when I was in seminary.” Rev. Norman serves as the district superintendent of the Southeast District in the.. read more →

Care for Children: A Wesleyan Calling

  The ministry of early Methodists impacted the lives of men and women in remarkable ways. Under John Wesley’s leadership, the Methodist revival in the British Isles emphasized a gospel that included concerns for both body and soul. The Methodist preaching of the time called for a renewal of the heart through faith in Jesus.. read more →

Certificate in Wesleyan Studies

We’re offering a Certificate in Wesleyan Studies to students in our master’s-level degree programs here at Memphis Theological Seminary. The certificate program was approved by the MTS faculty last spring, and it is now available to students as of this academic year. I’m really excited about this new development. I see the Certificate in Wesleyan Studies as the.. read more →

Methodist House of Studies Online

One of the ways we’re going to make the Methodist House of Studies visible here at MTS is through a new website that we launched a few days ago. Go ahead and take a look! My hope is that this website can serve a number of purposes. The primary purpose will be informational. I want.. read more →

Methodist House of Studies @ MTS

Good things are happening at Memphis Theological Seminary! I am excited to be able to announce publicly our new initiative known as the Methodist House of Studies. There will be much more to come. In the meantime, see the introductory video below:       read more →

MTS to offer two Wesleyan Studies courses this fall

Here’s a news release sent out by my seminary that I thought I’d publicize here as well: As part of its growing emphasis in Wesleyan Studies and the Methodist tradition, Memphis Theological Seminary (MTS) will offer two courses this fall focusing on John Wesley and the early Methodist revival. The courses are designed for seminary graduates who want.. read more →

We need a ‘culture of call’ in the church

Our recent annual conference in Rogers, AR, featured a persistent theme that needs to be transmitted to every congregation in Arkansas. The call. Specifically, God’s call upon the lives of women and men into ministry. We’re all called, of course. Every one of us. Every baptized Christian is meant to be a minister of the.. read more →

Wesleyan Accent: Discipleship in the Wesleyan Way

The church today puts a lot of focus on the need to make disciples of Jesus Christ. But do we take seriously what that work requires of us? I’m not so sure. I am very sure, on the other hand, that we’re living in a culture that does us no favors when we even begin.. read more →

Holy Conferencing: A Means of Grace

John Wesley considered some of the means of grace to be formally established by Jesus Christ in the gospels. One of those is the means of grace he called “Christian conference” at some points and “Christian fellowship” at others. These terms take some explaining, because Wesley used them in technical ways that would not be apparent to us at.. read more →

From Wesley’s pen — December 4, 1746

One of the extraordinary commitments of John Wesley’s leadership of the early Methodist movement was a deep concern for bodily health. It’s a topic that Randy L. Maddox has written about recently in Divinity Magazine, a publication of Duke Divinity School. Wesley’s popular Primitive Physick, a manual of medical advice and remedies, is probably the.. read more →