Tim Tebow became something of a phenomenon this past NFL season. His fans adore him; his skeptics think all the hype around his play is unfounded. But nobody – and I mean nobody – even came close to being able to explain the remarkable number of 4th quarter comebacks that he engineered during the regular season. It was enough to get Tebow’s Denver Broncos into the playoffs at 8-8, where they stunned the Pittsburgh Steelers in yet another unlikely victory (this one in overtime).

The guy’s not magic. But he is authentic. He’s also got charisma, and he appears to be a great leader. I think it is the unapologetic way that he goes about just being Tim Tebow that makes people either love or hate him with such energy.

Will Tebow make it as a starting NFL quarterback over the long term? I think it would be great. But he’s never going to be the prototypical pocket passer that fits the standard QB model in the pro league. That means Denver would have to commit to developing a unique offense around him, which includes a new playbook, a certain kind of draft strategy, and a big gamble on something that hasn’t been proven to work yet. In other words, don’t count on it.

That doesn’t mean there’s not an awful lot to admire in Tebow. He’s the kind of Christian I’d like to be someday. For more thoughts, check out my current column in the United Methodist Reporter.