Of all the topics least likely to go viral online, I’d think that analyzing the degree to which the Christian creeds were significant to John Wesley’s theology would rank pretty high. But surprisingly, that seems to have happened over the past few days. Well, maybe ‘go viral’ is a bit of an overstatement. Still, it’s been pretty popular. I take that as a sign of hope for the church!

For anyone who would find it helpful, I have listed a rundown of some blog posts on John Wesley and the creeds below. Some are new, while others go back aways. As I become aware of others, I’ll update the list. (Feel free to send me links to such posts or leave them in the comments section below.)

Posts on John Wesley and the Christian Creeds:

  1. “Was Wesley’s Faith a Creedal Faith?” by David F. Watson at Musings and Whatnot
  2. “John and Charles Wesley Lived by the Creeds” by Joel L. Watts at Unsettled Christianity
  3. “John Wesley, Americans, and Sectual Experimentation” by Joel L. Watts at Unsettled Christianity
  4. “John Wesley, the Trinity, and the Creeds” by Andrew C. Thompson at AndrewThompson.com
  5. “John Wesley’s Creed” by Drew McIntyre at Uniting Grace
  6. “John Wesley on the Creeds” by Kevin M. Watson at Vital Piety

Posts on the Role of the Creed in Wesleyan Spirituality:

  1. “Creedal Faith” by David F. Watson and William J. Abraham at Ministry Matters
  2. “Creeds, Orthodoxy, and What is Required of United Methodists” by Stephen Rankin of Rankin File

Posts on the Place of the Creeds in the United Methodist Church:

  1. “The Ancient Creedal Faith” by Daniel McClain Hixon at United Methodist Resources
  2. “The Revolutionary Nicene Creed” by Taylor Burton-Edwards at United Methodist Worship
  3. “Jesus Christ in United Methodist Doctrine: Exploring the Biblical and Creedal Basis” by Kenneth Loyer at United Methodist Scholars for Christian Orthodoxy
  4. “In the UMC, the Creed Supercedes John Wesley” by Joel L. Watts at Unsettled Christianity

There is some topical overlap within each individual essay, of course. I’ve listed each of them under the topic that seems to fit best on the whole. This is a list that more than doubled in length within a couple of days of my original publication of this post. So I’ll keep adding new entires as I become aware of them. Please feel free to send me links to blog posts or online essays that you know about but which don’t appear on the list at present.

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