What if such a meeting place could be arranged today, where our collective paths could cross for a few days of hearing some new voices, engaging in some new conversations and seeing some new horizons of possibility for a movement whose time has come to move again?

That’s the question posed by the organizers of the New Room Conference, scheduled for this upcoming September 16-18, 2015, in Franklin, Tennessee.

If you are looking for a gathering that is deeply Wesleyan in tone and practical in aim, then you should really check out the New Room Conference. I attended the first New Room gathering last year, and it was one of the most encouraging, invigorating meetings of Wesleyan pastors and laity that I’ve experienced in a long time.

This year’s New Room gathering promises to be even better. Speakers include Jo Anne Lyon, Kevin Watson, Lisa Yebuah, Stanley John, and more. They’re even going to let yours truly take the stage at some point. There’ll be great music, great worship, and great conversation.Seedbed Logo 1

The New Room Conference will be held at Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee. Since the Nashville International Airport is nearby, travel shouldn’t be too much of a problem even for those who live far off.

Seedbed Publishing is the host of the New Room Conference, and they see it as part of their larger mission to assist the Wesleyan movemenet with vital resources in print, online, and conference formats. (Or as they put it, “Resourcing people, communities, and movements to love the whole world with the whole gospel.”) You should check them out, and even more importantly — check out the New Room Conference this fall.