Jessica LaGrone_UM pastor

The Rev. Jessica LaGrone

Jessica LaGrone, the Pastor of Worship at the Woodlands United Methodist Church, has written an excellent article entitled, “‘I Believe’–Why We Need the Apostles’ Creed.” Check it out online at this link.

A lot of my own work is around trying to help the church understand the formative significance of doctrine in the life of Christian discipleship. Most of that doctrine is that which we share with the church catholic (and the Apostles’ Creed fits into that category). Other aspects of doctrine are those points of emphasis we hold in the Wesleyan tradition, around the centrality of grace, the promise of new life in Christ, the nature of sanctification, and the power of the means of grace. When I see folks like Rev. LaGrone penning articles like the recent one in Good News Magazine, it makes me think that the church is seeing its historic doctrine in a (re-)newed light.

And by the way, Jessica has also recently published a new bible study specifically aimed at women that is called, “Namesake: When God Rewrites Your Story.” My prediction is that it will make quite a splash in the months ahead. I hope to teach it in my own local church setting sometime in the next year. You can visit Jessica’s blog here.