My writing has slowed down over the past few weeks. For those who check in regularly, sorry about that. I think I wore myself out in my posting on General Conference in April and May. And there was the little matter of finishing up the semester here at Memphis Theological Seminary — final exams, grading, graduation, etc.

I’ve got a lot of work ‘away from the office’ over the next few weeks, which means that my blogging may be a little spotty. But I’ll try to write a post here and there over the next couple of months. For those interested in youth ministry, I’ll be working in the second half of June with the Duke Youth Academy for Christian Formation in Durham, NC. This is an outstanding program in formation for youth that I’ve been a part of for the past five years. Check it out if you know of rising juniors and seniors in high school next year who might benefit from it. And if you want to know more, you can skip on over to my old website where I wrote quite a bit about it over the past few years.

More pressingly, I’ve been asked by my bishop, the Rev. Charles N. Crutchfield, to serve as the conference preacher at the Arkansas Annual Conference next week. It was a humbling thing to be asked — there are plenty of preachers in the conference with much greater experience (and ability!) than I have. But I was honored to accept the invitation and look forward to preaching before my friends and colleagues in Forth Smith, AR, starting tomorrow evening.

My topics for the two sermons will be on the key Wesleyan doctrines of assurance and perfection. I thought it fitting to gravitate toward those two given that our conference theme is around the Wesleyan phrase, “Holiness of Heart and Life.” If you are attending the annual conference and would like a preview of the sermons, I invite you to read in advance the Scriptural texts I’ll be using: Romans 8:14-27 (on assurance) and Philippians 3:10-16 (on perfection). And for those so inclined, I would covet your prayers for my leadership in worship — always!