A new restructuring plan is on the cusp of being adopted by the General Conference.

It goes by the name “Plan UMC” and represents a compromise that draws on elements of the Call to Action, Plan B, and the MFSA alternative. You can download the text of the compromise restructuring plan at this link.

For information on recent developments, check out this story by United Methodist Reporter editor Sam Hodges.

A vote today to refer the restructuring idea to a study commission for the next four years was rejected by a considerable margin. In my mind, that means that the work done over the past few days to craft the “Plan UMC” compromise proposal stands a good chance of passing.

The restructuring could have some good outcomes for streamlining the top-level bureaucracy of the general church and reduce costs. But after we get past that step, the renewal of the church will still need to be carried out at the local level. I’ve written a column on this for the Reporter, which I’ll write a post about in the next couple of days.