In On the Incarnation of the WordSt. Athanasius describes the creation’s response to the crucifixion in the gospels:

“For the sun hid his face, and the earth quaked and the mountains were rent; all men were awed. Now these things showed that Christ on the cross was God, while all creation was his slave, and was witnessing by its fear to its master’s presence.”

Each time we celebrate the Eucharist, we proclaim the death that occurred for us on this day. It is a death that forgives, because in it Christ takes all the sin of the creation into his own body. Thus, the death suffered by the incarnate Word is not just his own death, but ultimately ours as well. Athanasius continues,

“And so it was that two marvels came to pass at once, that the death of all was accomplished in the Lord’s body, and that death and corruption were wholly done away by reason of the Word that was united with it.”

May we all gather together this evening at the foot of the cross and bear witness to the crucifixion of our Lord. And may we keep the Easter vigil together.