John Wesley engraving

“Wed. 14. I preached at Tiverton, and on Thursday went on to Launceston. Here I found the plain reason why the work of God had gained no ground in this circuit all the year. The preachers had given up the Methodist testimony. Either they did not speak of perfection at all (the peculiar doctrine committed to our trust), or they spoke of it only in general terms, without urging the believers to ‘go on to perfection’, and to expect it every moment. And wherever this is not earnestly done the work of God does not prosper.”


[Note: I am going to start a new series on this blog, which will offer selections from John Wesley’s published Journal. For passages that largely speak for themselves, I will publish those entries without comment. Others that call for explanation will be accompanied by my own commentary. If you would like to see all the blog posts I’ve done that have something to do with the Journal, click on on this link or click on the “JW Journal” category tab just below the title of this post.]