Lenten Lecture Series FlyerLast week I spoke at the Robert C. Stuart Lenten Lecture Series at Christ Church Cathedral in Houston, Texas. The theme of this year’s lecture series is “Grace and Forgiveness” and it gave me an opportunity to explore some of the ways in which John Wesley sees forgiveness as lying at the heart of salvation.

The lecture series is emceed by Barkley Thompson, the cathedral’s dean and my brother. (As in, literally. He’s my brother.) The format for each speaker’s participation is a 25-minute address during noonday prayer followed by a 90-minute Q&A session on the evening of the same day. The audience at both sessions was engaged, and during the evening Q&A, I was called to field a really diverse and informed set of questions from audience members.

Here is a YouTube video of the 90-minute Q&A between Barkley and me:

My thanks to Barkley and his congregation for the opportunity to share with them a few aspects of the Wesleyan tradition.