Mary Brooke Casad of the United Methodist Church’s Connectional Table has written an informative piece in the United Methodist Reporter that outlines the proposed structural changes for the church that will go before the General Conference later this spring.

Some of the components of the restructuring that she mentions will be among the most hotly debated aspects of legislation that the GC will consider: provision for a “set aside” bishop to serve as president of the Council of Bishops; effective reduction of such general church agencies as the General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns; replacement of the Connectional Table itself in favor of a 45-member General Council on Strategy & Oversight.

As I read Ms. Casad’s account of the proposals, I feel much as I have when I’ve read other commentaries on the proposed changes: a mixture of positive and negative at the prospects the changes would mean for the church, together with some apprehension over the unknown of what major restructuring could or would mean.

I’m certainly not sure that I support all the proposed changes. But then again, that’s exactly what commentaries like Ms. Casad’s are for: to consider and discuss and debate the proposals themselves. So take the time to read her article — and let your own opinions be heard!