One of the ways we’re going to make the Methodist House of Studies visible here at MTS is through a new website that we launched a few days ago. Go ahead and take a look!

My hope is that this website can serve a number of purposes. The primary purpose will be informational. I want the website to provide helpful information for current and prospective students. It will highlight what we’re doing through the Methodist House, and what we’ve got planned for the future.

John Wesley Seal (1)_vectorizedlargetransparentAnother role the website will fulfill is in outreach to the church. Every one of the Methodist professors here at MTS is also an ordained minister with significant pastoral experience. We believe that the academic work that we do ought to be directed at helping to equip the church to fulfill its mission more effectively. Our professors engage in work related to youth ministry, urban ministry, addiction recovery, local church ministry, and Wesleyan approaches to evangelism—all of which are deeply relevant to the day-to-day ministry of the church. As the Methodist House website develops, it will be a resource both to provide churches with helpful resources and to highlight some of the speaking events and workshops that our professors are doing.

Finally, my hope is that our new website will simply serve as a network to further the work of Wesleyan revitalization. We live in a time when the ‘catholic evangelicalism’ of the Wesleyan tradition is needed more than ever. In a world where cynicism and discord often seem to be ascendent, I hope the Methodist House can be a community where the ‘hope that is within us’ can be the primary mark of how we serve God and one another. If the website can contribute to that work in some small way, then it will have served a good purpose.