2015-05-02_At the Bass Pro EntranceMy wife Emily and I went to the new Bass Pro at the Memphis Pyramid this evening. And yes, it is as incredible as you hoped it would be. I’m going off-topic here given my usual subject matter. But in this case, it’s worth it.

The Bass Pro in Memphis just opened up a couple of days ago. I took a few photos during our visit tonight, and I’ll share those below. If you are ever in the Memphis area, I’d suggest you stop by. It’s not just a big retail store. It’s an experience — complete with live alligators.

After the FedEX Forum opened up in Memphis, it was unclear what would happen with the Pyramid. It could have really ended up as a failed downtown experiment. As it is, it appears that Bass Pro has created an interesting new downtown destination that includes retail, restaurants, hotel accommodations, and (of course) tourist sight-seeing. This is a good thing for the city of Memphis.

Ok, here are the pictures we took this evening (click to expand):

20150502_213106 (1)

The “tallest freestanding elevator in America” can take visitors up to the newly constructed observation decks near the top of the Pyramid. Those decks offer views of downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River. There is also a restaurant at the top with a giant aquarium. One employee told me they are hoping to install a zip line from the top of the pyramid down to Mud Island.








The view of the ground floor when entering from Bass Pro's north entrance in downtown Memphis.

The view of the ground floor when entering from Bass Pro’s north entrance in downtown Memphis.


20150502_213530 (1)

“Ladies Apparel” – Bass Pro wants to make it clear that this isn’t a venue just for the fellas. There were clothing products aplenty for the women (including a camo bikini, of course).

20150502_213819 (1)

Bass Pro’s shooting gallery.

20150502_214852 (1)

The entrance to the Waterfowl section of the Bass Pro store. Note the robo ducks beside the sign.

20150502_215007 (1)

Turkey Season!

20150502_215228 (1)

The general hunting section. Best quote I heard all night, which came from a Bass Pro employee talking with a woman who was shopping for a gun with her husband: “Why yes, we can hydro-dip that for either pink or pink camo.” The couple seemed pleased.

20150502_215315 (1)

The camping section of Bass Pro in Memphis. One of my favorite sections of the store.

20150502_221012 (1)

The “Lodge” is one of the more interesting parts of the Memphis Bass Pro. There are more than 100 hotel rooms on the second floor of the Pyramid. Seems like a fun place to spend a night — or a weekend.