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Meet Andrew

Andrew is a lifelong Arkansan. He and his wife Emily call Springdale home, along with their three children. Prior to becoming senior pastor at First United Methodist Church, Andrew served churches in Searcy and Marion. He also taught on the faculty of Memphis Theological Seminary. Andrew earned his bachelor's degree from Hendrix College, and he then went on to earn postgraduate degrees from Vanderbilt and Duke. Andrew is active in civic life with programs that support local law enforcement, local youth sports, and community prayer and church life.

Andrew and his wife Emily are the proud parents of Alice, Stuart, and Anna Charlotte. They enjoy spending time outdoors in all the beauty that Northwest Arkansas offers.

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Engineers at work

Northwest Arkansas is truly a land of opportunity. Business development is at an all-time high, and that provides jobs. We are in a unique position as a community to capitalize on the growth we have seen over the last few years. Promoting our small businesses, economic growth, and jobs is my priority as state senator for District 31. We need to free up people to create and grow businesses without harmful governmental regulations.

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We need to cut taxes and reign in wasteful government spending. Inflation is out of control, which makes each of us poorer every month. I will lead the fight against high taxation and wasteful spending, so that government becomes smaller and more efficient. We need more financial accountability in our state, and leaders who know how to make the right decisions for our families back home. My priority will be to get inflation under control and let everyday Arkansans take home more of their paychecks.

We need to bring the crime rate down and make our communities safe. More than anything, we need to keep our streets safe and our children protected. I will be a tireless advocate for law enforcement and first responders in our community.  Violent crime is higher than it has been in decades. Law enforcement is also under attack by radicals who want to “defund the police,” which is foolish and just plain wrong. As state senator, I will fight to make sure that our police departments have the funds and tools they need to do their jobs.

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Law Enforcement/

Preparing our children to be the next generation of leaders by providing a quality education is vital. Classrooms need to be places of learning, not laboratories for harmful, left-wing ideology that causes more division than unity. Keeping our schools competitive, while focusing on each individual child’s need is essential.

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Proud Parents

As a Christian, I am called to love my neighbor, no matter how small. We must stand up for the sanctity of every life, being committed to fighting for the defenseless. I am 100% pro-life and know that life is a sacred gift from God that must be protected at all costs.

2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment protects our fundamental right to keep and bear arms, and it shall not be infringed upon. We must uphold all our constitutional rights as Americans. I am a hunter and a gun owner, and I believe all our other freedoms are ensured by the Second Amendment. As your state senator, I will protect our Second Amendment right at every step.

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Springdale, Arkansas


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