I am running for State Senate in District 31. I’ve tried very hard to run a positive campaign focused on the future of Springdale, Tontitown, Johnson, and Elm Springs.


Unfortunately, one of my opponents has based his own campaign on mud-slinging, lies, and distortions. Just days ago he put out a mail piece to which I feel the need to respond. In addition, other political action committees have followed suit with equally dishonest texts and mail pieces.


Here are the facts: In the year 2000, I participated in a demonstration arguing that the state of Tennessee should not execute the mentally ill or handicapped. The demonstration was on government property, and I was cited for trespassing in the process of it. It was less serious than a traffic ticket—there was literally no fine involved. Anything else you read from my opponent about it is a lie.


These are also facts: Last year, Clint Penzo co-sponsored a bill in the Arkansas legislature that would have exempted mentally ill persons from the death penalty (HB 1914 of 2021). In other words, Mr. Penzo agrees with me that mentally ill people should not be executed. Attacking me for holding that position is the very definition of hypocrisy.


Voters in this election have got to decide who they want to represent them. Character matters. Do you want someone whose primary campaign tactic consists of lies, distortions, and hypocrisy? Early voting has already started. Make your vote count.


-Andrew Thompson


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